A Midsummer Nights Dream

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Saturdays and Sundays July 8-30 at 6:30PM
The Morton Arboretum
5801 N Pulaski Blvd

Director: Bradley Baker
Stage Manager: Nick Nyquist
Costume Designer: Matthew Powell
Music Director: Samantha Porter
Dance Captain: Jennifer Allman

The famous sprite Puck, AKA Robin Goodfellow, and fairies lead by Titania and Oberon take you on an adventure through an outdoor venue of magic, love, and laughter. This comedy has it all: lovers, a play within a play, a bit with a donkey's head, light-up fairies, and (like all of our shows) is broken up into smaller segments for younger viewers to get a break with light-exercise between scenes.

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Puck - Eldridge Shannon III

Moth/Theseus/Starveling/Oberon - Justin Vidovic

Cobweb/Lysander/Flute/Thisbe - Timothy Sullivan

Moth/Demetrius/Bottom/Pyramus - Tommy Lukrich>

Titania/Hippolyta/Quince - Allison Reinke

Peasblossom/Hermia/Snout - Samantha Heindl

Mustardseed/Helena/Snug - Jennifer Allman